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All-in-one protection against threats to your identity, security, and privacy.

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The protection of Benefit Essential with additional features and benefits.


How can you help keep yourself safer online?

Opt-in to Cyber Safety. All-in-one protection against threats to your identity, security, and privacy.

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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Our proprietary technology monitors for fraudulent use of your Social Security number, name, address and date of birth in applications for credit and services. The patented system sends alerts by text, phone‡‡, email or mobile app when a potential threat is detected.


Norton Online Privacy

Protect devices on vulnerable connections through bank-grade encryption to keep information private. We also scan common public people-search websites for your info and help them easily opt-out5.


Norton Device Security

Multi-layered, advanced security helps protect devices against existing and emerging malware threats, including ransomware, and helps protect private and financial information when you go online5.

What’s included?

Benefit Essential and Premier Plans

All-in-one protection against threats to your identity, security, and privacy.

LifeLock Identity Alert System
We monitor for fraudulent use of your Social Security number, name, address, or date of birth in applications for credit and services.

ID verification & SSN alerts
We monitor and alert you if we detect a company attempting to verify your identity so you can take action to help protect yourself.

Credit monitoring1
We monitor key changes to your credit file at one or three of the leading credit bureaus, depending on your plan, and alert you.

Credit reports & scores
Providing a convenient way to access to your credit reports and credit scores from the primary bureaus.

Dark web monitoring (100+ data points driven by human operatives & AI)
LifeLock patrols the dark web and notifies you if we find your information such as your username, password, IP address, or gamer tag.

Fictitious identity monitoring
We help protect your identity by scanning for names and addresses connected with your Social Security number.

Social media monitoring*
We monitor your linked accounts on the most popular social media sites and notify you if we think your account may be compromised.

Identity lock1,4
Identity Lock lets you lock your TransUnion credit1 file to help protect against identity thieves from opening accounts in your name.

Secure VPN 
The data that you send and receive from your device is encrypted and converted into an unreadable, untraceable format until it reaches our servers.

Privacy Monitor
We scan common public people-search websites for your personal information and help you opt-out, giving a greater control over your online privacy.

Ad blocker
Norton Ad Blocker enhances your browsing experience by blocking unwanted ads in your Safari browser.

Webcam protection (SafeCam)3
With SafeCam, you’ll get notified when cybercriminals try to use your webcam, so we can help block them.

Available on PC, Mac, & mobile
Multi-layered security helps protect devices against existing and emerging malware threats to help protect information when employees go online.

Cloud backup2
Cloud storage to store and protect important files and documents as a preventative measure against data loss.

Password Manager
Create, store, and manage your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online – safely and securely.

Child online safety tools (Parental Control)3
Helps your kids explore the web more safely by keeping you informed of which sites they are visiting so you can monitor for age-appropriate content.

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Opt-in to Cyber Safety with Norton LifeLock Benefit Plans. Learn more about how our plans can help protect your identity, security and privacy: all-in-one.

No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.
We do not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
‡‡Requires your device to have an Internet/data plan and be turned on.
* Does not include monitoring of chats or direct messages.
1Credit features require setup, identity verification and sufficient credit history by TransUnion and/or Equifax. Credit monitoring features may take several days to activate after enrollment.
2Norton Cloud Backup, Norton SafeCam, Norton Family, and Norton Parental Control features are not supported on Mac, Windows 10 in S mode, and Windows running on ARM processor).
3Norton Family and Norton Parental Control can only be installed and used on a child’s Windows PC, iOS and Android devices but not all features are available on all platforms. Parents can monitor and manage their child’s activities from any device – Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android – via our mobile apps, or by signing into their account at and selecting Parental Control via any browser.
4Locking or unlocking your credit file does not affect your credit score and does not stop all companies and agencies from pulling your credit file. The credit lock on your TransUnion file will be unlocked if your subscription is downgraded or canceled.
5These features are not enabled upon enrollment. Member must take action to activate this protection.
++++ Reimbursement and Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to $1 million for LifeLock with Norton Benefit Essential, LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier, LifeLock with Norton Benefit Premier Plus, and up to $1 million in coverage for lawyers and experts, if needed for all plans. In addition, if Cyber Crime Coverage is provided with your plan, up to $50,000 for related expenses for the Primary Member, Secondary and Minor Members of a Family Plan, who share in the $50,000 limit. All benefits under the Master Policy are issued and covered by United Specialty Insurance Company (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). All benefits for Cyber Crime Coverage are issued and covered by Tokio Marine HCC. Cyber Crime Coverage is not available to residents of New York. Policy terms, conditions, and exclusions at: