Data privacy and protection

A recognized world leader in data security

Gen safeguards people against advanced online threats, bringing award-winning cybersecurity, privacy, and identity protection to nearly 500M users. With one of the world’s largest Cyber Safety networks we can provide the insights and guidance to protect people, not just devices.

We’re focused on delivering connected services and tools through a single, flexible, scalable and adaptable platform.

Embracing innovation

In 2023, we built a new research and innovation team to improve our customer experiences and maximize leading technology, including AI, to drive product development in security solutions. 9% of our 2023 revenue was invested in research and development, leading to:

Privacy R&D program
The launch of an R&D program that informs our privacy portfolio and an identity innovation R&D program that shapes the future of our identity products.

Digital Trust Services team
A new team focused on accessible technologies that build online trust.

Identity protection solutions rolled out globally
New identity protection solutions in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France.

Avast Email Guardian
A new tool that scans emails and protects people from malicious emails or phishing scams.

New product for BT Group
The first identity protection product for BT Group (British Telecom) which integrated dark web and social media monitoring into their custom Norton 360 app.

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Data privacy


of active employees completed
the annual Code of Conduct training.

Gen uses a customer-first, privacy-by-design approach to anticipate, identify, and help prevent invasive events before they happen. Privacy measures are not add-ons in our products, but fully integrated components.

We only collect personal data for specified, clear and legitimate purposes, and we only collect as much personal data as we need to achieve those purposes.

Governance and compliance

We hold ourselves accountable through our guiding principles, internal/external audits, employee privacy and data protection awareness, continuous improvement and effective risk management. Measures include:

Privacy Operating Model

A Privacy Operating Model (POM) outlines our privacy governance structure, defining accountability for privacy at all levels of the company from the board and leadership team to the employees handling personal information daily.  

Privacy Business Lead program

A Privacy Business Lead program embeds privacy experts at the front lines of the company.  

Senior expertise and board-level representation

A dedicated Technology and Cyber Security Board Subcommittee and privacy experts in our legal team and on our board of directors.

Role or team-specific privacy training

Role-specific privacy training, such as training for our People & Culture team on protecting employee privacy, in a human resources and facilities context.

Annual privacy training

Rotating annual privacy training which includes timely, relevant topics. 

Global privacy policy

A global privacy policy that guides our approach to privacy across all brands and creates consistency in how we handle personal data across everything we do. Brand-specific privacy statements provide details for transparency about personal data processing by individual brands and their specific products.

Robust vendor agreements

All vendor agreements updated where personal data is transferred between the European Union and the U.S. to reflect our updated standard contractual clauses.

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Information security

We maintain a comprehensive technology and cybersecurity program to support the effectiveness of our systems and prepare for information security risks. This includes regular oversight of our programs and security monitoring for internal and external threats to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of our information assets.

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