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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Building a strong, diverse and
passionate team

Gen is a place where every race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability, background and experience are respected and encouraged to thrive. Underpinning this is our Global Workforce Inclusion Policy, which we review annually.

We’re supporters of the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business Tackling Discrimination Against LGBTI People, a global set of standards guiding businesses in protecting the rights and eliminating discrimination of LGBTI employees, customers and community members.

Our DEI strategy is built on four pillars that help to guide company decisions, and attract and nurture talent.

Our pillars for DEI

DEI Pillars 1

We closely monitor data to evaluate our progress and accountability. 

Diversity scorecards are shared quarterly with senior leaders. These scorecards include actual representation data and targets, as well as what is needed to achieve these targets. Through 2024, we’ll continue to evolve our representation strategy to align with our broadened geographic distribution.

Our primary objective to develop, retain and increase our diverse teams remains. We’re focusing on career mobility and growth for existing employees and exploring new graduate opportunities to put us in a strong position to recruit more diverse talent.

DEI Pillars 3

Communities@Gen drive our unwavering commitment to inclusion.

Communities@Gen (what we call employee resource groups) include nine communities of employees who educate, inspire and unite members and allies through events and initiatives, learning journeys, mentoring, volunteering opportunities and more.

Our Leadership Team directly engages with Communities@Gen and individual Community Champions to support DEI initiatives. We also offer education curated by our DEI team and raise awareness of diversity topics (unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, allyship, microaggressions, privilege, prejudice and more) through All-Hands meetings, published blogs, community events, learning journeys in our internal newsletter and on our intranet.

DEI Pillars 2

We engage the best global partners to increase visibility of career opportunities.

Our Talent Acquisition team uses diverse interview panels to attract more diverse candidates. They partner with Communities@Gen and team members as sources of education, insight and referrals to fuel our recruiting efforts.

DEI Pillars

Gen offers development programs and mentorship opportunities for underrepresented team members.

In 2023, several team members joined our social impact partner Out & Equal’s Global Workplace Summit to help professionals, experts and community leaders create spaces where LGBTQ+ employees can thrive.

The McKinsey Academy offers three training programs each year for current and aspiring Black, Hispanic/Latino and Asian leaders, which Gen leverages for professional development. Selected candidates are introduced to internal and external leader networks and follow a rigorous online learning program to help them develop business acumen and leadership qualities to bring back and pass down to their teams.

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We truly believe our team is strengthened by our differences. Gen thrives on diversity that creates new and different ways of thinking.

Marie Miller-Rodriguez, Head of Learning, Development and DEI 

Supporting women in tech

We collaborate with specialist partners to increase diversity in tech and build a talent pipeline across Europe.



Gen begins multi-year Women4Cyber partnership

In 2023, we completed the first year of our partnership with Women4Cyber. The organization has created a roadmap to eliminate the current gender gap in European tech by creating awareness, promoting education and training programs and shaping gender-inclusive policies and establishing partnerships, both within the EU and abroad.

Our contribution will add content to Women4Cyber’s Academy, to offer mentorships with Gen employees and support the expansion of new chapters of Women4Cyber in the region.

annual contribution for three years.


Avast continues Czechitas partnership to help women transition into tech

In 2023, Gen extended Avast’s 16 years long partnership with Czechitas, a nonprofit that focuses on supporting IT requalification courses for women and helping with their career transition into the tech industry. Czechitas educates ~10,000 women in IT per year – teaching them to program, code and work with data. The nonprofit also helps connect its graduates to partner companies hiring in the IT field.

women are educated every year in IT.

We’re all about community

We enable employees to connect with and impact the business based on their shared passion, allyship, culture, and/or affinities. These groups of employees, called Communities, foster a culture of inclusion and empower the entire organization to do the right thing through education, consultation, mentorship, and perspective sharing.

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CARES provides a support network and resources to employees with caregiving responsibilities for children, siblings, parents, partners, family members, other loved ones or themselves. Part of our mission is to create a safe space for sharing lived experiences and discussing issues faced by working caregivers.


HAAPI breathes life into Asian American Pacific Islander traditions, history, and values. It's a chance to rediscover the treasures of our past and share them with the world.


HOLA strives to drive awareness of Hispanic/Latino contributions and positively impact how Gen achieves its strategic priorities and business goals - fostering an environment where people support and encourage each other to succeed professionally, personally, and in their communities.


LEADS is a global Community open to employees of all generations and experiences. LEADS is focused on creating a growth culture and supporting all professionals' career development and advancement through networking, skill-building, mentorship, and innovation.


POWER leverages the diverse experiences of black employees to actively increase awareness of the Gen brand within the Black community; become thought leaders and serve as a cultural competence council providing insightful intelligence to Gen's executive leadership team; enhancing and encouraging black employee career growth and development. 


PROUD is designed to build and maintain a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, androgynous, & asexual employees (and any other identities not listed here). PROUD advocates globally for LGBTQ+ equity, inclusion, and allyship, so our employees, partners, and customers feel empowered to be their most authentic selves every day


TERRA is open to all employees globally who are interested in sustainability, biodiversity, tackling the climate crisis, green energy, and other environmental topics. Its mission is to educate and inspire employees to act, start conversations and care for our planet — together.


THRIVE works to advise, educate, outreach to, and assist the business and individuals on how to be equitable and inclusive to those with a disability. THRIVE helps with recruitment, retention, and advancement of people with all types of disabilities - visible or invisible - helping make Gen a place where everyone feels included and that they belong.


WONDER supports and encourages the advancement of female-identifying employees. This is done through building a positive work environment, supporting women to become more visible leaders, establishing mentorship networks, skill-building, creating and providing access to best practices, and advising on policy or process changes that are more inclusive.


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