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Insurance Providers

Offer your customers protection from cybercrime with a trusted partner in 
Cyber Safety. 

73% of consumers surveyed would be more likely to buy insurance with a company if they had identity theft protection or cybersecurity services bundled together.**

Combining cybersecurity with your current products creates a compelling offering that helps customers address the cybersecurity challenges they face every day. Partner with Norton, a leader in consumer cybersecurity, to give your customers the comprehensive coverage they need to live their best digital lives confidently.

Learn how to shift from reactive payer to proactive prevention partner

With an increasing number of digital threats, consumer cybersecurity needs are growing. No longer can carriers simply offer reactionary underwriting to address these risks. Instead, carriers must collaborate proactively with consumers to provide true protection against cybercrime, including identity fraud.

Check out our latest whitepaper, Prevention Partnerships: The Next Line of Defense in an Era of Digital Risk, and partner with us to help bridge the gap and provide solutions from cybersecurity to climate, home to auto, and so much more.

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your coverage offerings to include identity and cybersecurity protection in your home and auto policies with Norton technology that blocks millions of cyberthreats every day.


your offerings by partnering with an experienced partner growth team that can help you build a valuable cybersecurity offer for your customers.


with a meaningful service that millions of customers trust, all while mitigating your own risk portfolio.


and keep your customers ahead of current cyberthreats. Boost their digital safety and privacy to help protect them against next-gen risks.

Why partner with us?

Customers want a cybersecurity solution from their insurance provider — but it’s not always available. Consumer insights in a recent survey revealed:

believe it is important to have cybersecurity in place, so they are covered in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach**

of consumers believe insurance providers should offer identity theft and cybercrime protection services**

would be more likely to buy insurance with a company if they had identity theft protection or cybersecurity services bundled with the insurance**

say that their current insurance company does not offer a cybersecurity product**

Partner in more ways than one

Gen is a trusted Cyber Safety partner across industries. Through our family of trusted consumer brands, we offer solutions in breach response, employee benefits, identity protection, security, and privacy. Find out how we can help future-proof your business, employees, and customer relationships.

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**Based on an online survey of 7080 adults in 7 countries conducted by Dynata on behalf of Gen from June 29th to July 10th, 2023.
§ Reprinted with permission. © 2021 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved.