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Where sustainability meets impact and innovation

As a digital company Gen doesn’t sit in a high carbon sector, nor do our direct operations have a large greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint.

We believe it is important to remain committed to an impactful environmental strategy that syncs with our business objectives, supports actions to reduce GHG emissions, engages employees and inspires others to act. Take a look at our environmental pillars below.

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We know we can do more for the planet by working together. We cultivate awareness of environmental sustainability through the Company’s environmental employee resource group, TERRA. Wider community efforts such as World Water Day help to inspire, educate and encourage our employees to do their part to protect the planet.

Amanda Davis, Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager

Our environmental action pillars

We’re working hard to reduce environmental impacts by limiting greenhouse gas emissions, cutting paper usage, maintaining a sustainable supply chain, engaging employees and collaborating with partners.

Action Pillars04

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

We look to minimize GHG emissions across our value chain, including the buildings where employees work, the data centers that power our products, how and when our employees travel, the practices of our suppliers and the use of our products.

With 98% of our products digitally offered, our top priorities remain focused on our emissions from data centers and office energy use (Scope 1 and 2 emissions), as well as remote work, employee travel and our purchased goods and services (Scope 3 emissions).

Action Pillars02

Cutting our paper and plastic consumption

In 2023, 98% of our products were digitally delivered, and 50% of the paper materials associated with our physical products were Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Around 50% of our products were shipped in our smallest packaging size.

We have worked to remove plastic from our physical products. And are globally compliant with packaging regulations. Additionally, we fund the cost of packaging recycling for our customers through in-country recycling programs.

of our products complied with the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.
of the materials used in our global physical products contained plastic.
Action Pillars01

Meeting global supplier conduct standards

Our Global Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth the responsible business standards to which we expect suppliers, their employees and any subcontracted parties to adhere. In 2023, 100% of our Tier 1 physical product suppliers and all newly onboarded suppliers agreed to the social impact requirements outlined in our Global Supplier Code of Conduct.

Additionally, our two main suppliers, who produce over 98% of our global physical product by spend, maintain environmental management systems that are ISO 14001 certified.

Action Pillars03

Inspiring employees to improve homes, sustainably

The Sustainable Home Improvement Program (SHIP) is a new Gen employee benefit providing team members with cash incentives for home improvement projects that help reduce environmental impacts and address our Scope 3 emissions.

These include the installation of energy efficient bulbs and electric vehicle charging, heating and cooling upgrades, water conservation efforts and composting and gardening that can enhance biodiversity.

Gen’s SHIP efforts were recognized with a 2023 Environmental Initiatives award from top environmental advocacy organization SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership).

— the annual SHIP payment employees can apply to receive, to make sustainability improvements.
projects completed worldwide in SHIP’s first year.
Action Pillars06

Delivering clean drinking water to rural communities in India

For the third consecutive year, Gen partnered with Planet Water Foundation on World Water Day to deliver clean drinking water to rural communities in India. In 2023, Gen volunteers worked alongside Planet Water Foundation to construct a new AquaTower water filtration system at the Arignar Anna Municipal School in Anumandputheri, Tamil Nadu, a village of 2,250 people

The system functions as a drinking and handwashing station for students, caregivers and family members, helping to keep hundreds of elementary and middle school children well enough to attend school and prevent illnesses in the school community and beyond.

liters of clean drinking water are produced by the system every hour.
school children whose lives have been changed as a result.
Action Pillars05

Improving access to renewable energy for the underserved

In 2022, Gen launched a partnership with GRID Alternatives’ National Tribal Program, a leading nonprofit helping low-income communities get clean, affordable, renewable energy, transportation and jobs. Since the partnership began, GRID has worked with 20 tribes in California, Colorado, Washington and New Mexico to complete over 155 renewable energy projects.

Our funding has helped install 720+ kilowatts of solar power in those states, directly benefiting 380 tribal families. Additionally, to date, 57 trainees have contributed 2,700 hours of hands-on experience installing these projects, exceeding our goal of 50 individuals.

less tons of harmful GHG emissions estimated to be prevented over the systems’ lifetime in the four states.
generated in financial savings for tribal leadership.

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