Stakeholder engagement

We listen, learn and value insights from our stakeholders

Gen identifies stakeholders as groups or individuals with an interest in or concern with our business. We also consider those our business affects in various ways. Engaging our stakeholders — employees, investors, customers, partners, communities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, suppliers and industry groups — informs our corporate responsibility and ESG strategy and supports the assessment of significant topic areas in our Social Impact report by providing us with insight into changing external expectations, risks and opportunities. 

How and where we engage

Gen engages stakeholders on an ongoing basis, checking that our stakeholders’ needs are aligned to our corporate responsibility goals, objectives and strategy. We undertake extensive engagement across our different stakeholders, from formal surveys of employees and customers to more informal discussions and partnerships with our communities. The frequency and nature of the engagement depends on a variety of factors including the nature of the relationship and the preferences of our stakeholders.  


Stakeholder Group 


Social Impact-Focused Engagement Highlights 


  • Cyber Safety Education
  • Social media/blog platform
  • Media 

Through thought leadership, social media and our Gen blog, we offer education, tips and awareness, as well as research, on critical Cyber Safety challenges facing consumers and society. 



  • All-hands meetings
  • Employee resource groups
  • Volunteer, giving and learning opportunities
  • Internal newsletter and intranet
  • Surveys 

Our annual Global Volunteer Week and year-round giving and service opportunities give our employees ample chances to support their communities. 

During onboarding, all new employees receive information on how to get involved in Giving@Gen and Communities@Gen. 



  • Quarterly updates
  • Additional meetings as needed 

Our Head of Corporate Responsibility provides regular updates to the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO; they also meet quarterly with our Leadership Team and cross-functional ESG Working Group to review our strategy, progress and program updates.

Our full Board of Directors receives a quarterly update on our corporate responsibility and ESG strategy and progress. 



  • Direct responses
  • Quarterly earnings calls
  • Annual shareholder meeting
  • Investor days
  • Reporting (Annual Report, Form 10-K, Proxy Statement, Social Impact Report)
  • Participation in ESG ratings and rankings 

Through frequent and ongoing meetings with our investors, we share updates on our corporate responsibility and ESG strategy and answer ESG-related questions.   

We continue to respond to ESG ratings and rankings, and apply leading frameworks in our social impact reporting, that help inform investors and stakeholders. These include: MSCI, ISS, SASB, TCFD, GRI and more. 



  • Employee volunteering and giving
  • Monetary grants
  • Product donation
  • Impact reports
  • Social media/blog platform
  • Surveys 

Our partnerships with Discovery Education, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and National PTA build strong digital citizenship skills among children, young people and families.

Our robust product donation program puts Cyber Safety products in the hands of thousands of nonprofits every year.  

More than half of our employees participate in our Giving@Gen programs. 


Working together to do more 

Joining with other corporations, NGOs and civil society to recognize shared responsibilities helps us make more of an impact together.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we continue to support their ten principles and our Social Impact Report serves as our annual Communication on Progress. We also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and recognize the opportunity to align our core business capabilities and social impact programs with society’s most pressing needs. We also believe these goals contribute to our business priorities.

We support UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women; the United Nations Free & Equal, a campaign for equal rights and fair treatment of LGBTQ+ people; and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

A year for doing good

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