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Delivering tangible results

In FY24 we made significant progress on our social impact KPIs compared to the previous year.

in product donations given to charities and nonprofits.
of our products are delivered digitally.
of our global workforce are women.

Our approach

Social impact governance

Our leaders help embed social impact into every part of Gen. 


The Gen Leadership Team is highly engaged in our social impact efforts. Our Head of Corporate Responsibility and Public Policy provides regular updates to the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO on social impact activities. She also meets quarterly with our Leadership Team and cross-functional environmental, social and governance (ESG) Working Group to review our strategy, progress and program updates.

Committed to integrity, transparency and accountability at all levels. 


The Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors has oversight of the Company’s corporate responsibility and ESG strategy, and our full Board of Directors receives a quarterly update on our strategy and progress. This quarterly update includes performance data and program information across ethics, community investment and environment; progress made toward our social impact targets; and information on emerging ESG topics. The Nominating and Governance and Compensation and Leadership Development Committees of our Board of Directors provide oversight and are actively engaged in our DEI strategy. Additionally, we hold regular meetings with functional leaders on our People & Culture, Brand & Marketing, DEI, Global Health & Wellness, Product and Supply Chain teams to collaborate and coordinate efforts. 


Where we focus our efforts

Gen plays to our strengths, striving to make a lasting, positive impact on the world. 


We conduct a formal materiality analysis that helps us identify, prioritize and manage critical environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities.  

Our most recent assessment, conducted in fiscal year 2023 in collaboration with a third-party expert, identified the following priority focus areas for our social impact initiatives:  

  • Cyber Safety education and training 
  • data privacy and protection 
  • diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) 
  • volunteering and giving 
  • the environment 

Best practice materiality  


Our materiality approach is informed by widely accepted ESG standards and frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards; industry guidance; third-party and proprietary research; peer benchmarking; ESG ratings; and the current regulatory landscape. in our 2023 assessment, more than 50 internal and external stakeholders were included in the prioritization process and results were validated by Company leadership and the Board. 

The output of this assessment—as well as ongoing engagement with our customers, employees, communities, shareholders and stakeholders—is one of the resources that guides our corporate responsibility and ESG strategy and disclosures, including our annual Social Impact Report.  

In fiscal year 2025, we plan to expand the scope of our assessment to reflect double materiality, which looks at both the impact of ESG issues on our business and our business’s impact on people, society and the environment.  

Stakeholder engagement

Gen identifies stakeholders as groups or individuals with an interest in or concern with our business. We also consider those our business affects in various ways. Engaging our stakeholders — employees, investors, customers, partners, communities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, suppliers and industry groups — informs our corporate responsibility and ESG strategy and supports the assessment of significant topic areas in our Social Impact report by providing us with insight into changing external expectations, risks and opportunities.  


Say hello to our 2024 Social Impact Report

Gen brings together a family of brands with a rich history of social impact programs and partnerships. Together, we continue to power digital freedom to people and underserved communities all over the world. Discover how in our new report.

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Global Volunteer Day

More than 550 Gen employees around the world came together on Tuesday, April 18, to mark our first global volunteer day.